The Payment Object

A Payment in Audata Promo is created for every cash prize. The Payment record represents a transaction that needs to be paid (or has been paid) from the organisation to a prize winner.

Creating and Deleting Payments

Payments are different to other resources in that they can not be manually created or deleted, even via the API. Payments are automatically created by the system whenever a cash prize is awarded. If the prize is deleted, the associated payment is also removed within 24 hours.



It's possible that after a cash prize has been deleted or withdrawn, the Payment may still exist for a while. For this reason, we recommend using the prize_id to also lookup the related Prize and verify it exists before using the Payment data for anything in production.

Updating Payments

You can update the “paid_at” attribute to record a payment as having been paid. To change other details for a payment, you must instead delete the associated Prize and then create a new one, which will also trigger the creation of a new associated Payment record.

idintegerThe ID for the record
bank_account_idintegerThe ID of the Bank Account record that the payee has nominated to receive the payment to.
listener_idintegerThe ID of the Listener who the payment is for.
prize_idintegerThe ID of the associated Prize record for this payment. If null, the prize has probably been deleted and this Payment is pending automatic deletion.
paid_atstringThe time the payment was marked as paid, as a ISO 8601 string.
created_atstringThe last time the record was created as a ISO 8601 string.
updated_atstringThe last time the record was last updated as a ISO 8601 string.
uuidstringThe UUID of the record