The Form Object

Audata Promo allows you to create custom Web Forms that can be embedded in web sites and mobile apps for your audience to enter contests or otherwise collect their details.

idintegerThe ID for the record
namestringThe name of the Form
campaign_idintegerThe ID of the Campaign the Form is associated with
allow_duplicatesbooleanWhether to allow a single Listener to register with the Form more than once
list_idintegerIf set, the ID of the List to automatically add registering Listeners to
redirect_urlstringThe URL to redirect users to after completing the form
messagestringA message to display to users after completing the Form
created_atstringThe time the record was created as a ISO 8601 string
updated_atstringThe last time the record was last updated as a ISO 8601 string.
uuidstringThe UUID of the record