About Audata Promo

Audata Promo is a cloud-based, software-as-a-service application that helps broadcast radio & media businesses award and manage prizes, and collect data from prize winners using SMS.

Unlike a conventional prize management system or an alternative such as a spreadsheet, busy on-air staff (producers, presenters) don’t need to collect and enter all the details from prize winners. Instead, a user enters a winners mobile phone number and Audata Promo will send the winner an SMS with a unique link to provide their details and confirm their prize.

About the Audata Promo API

Audata Promo offers a comprehensive API to allow developers to integrate our platform with third-party software and other enterprise systems.

The Audata Promo API is organised around REST, and uses predictable resource-oriented URL patterns, returns JSON responses, and uses standard HTTP verbs and response codes.



Some API features are not available for all Audata plans or in all countries. Contact your Audata representative for more information.