The Liner Object

In Broadcast Radio, a Liner is a written script delivered live by a presenter, often in breaks / links between songs (as opposed to Live Reads which are usually delivered in commercial airtime). Audata Promo allows Liner creation, management, scheduling, and reporting, and makes Liner scripts easily available to presenters in the Studio interface.

idintegerThe ID for the record
namestringThe name or title of the Liner
contenttextThe content of the Liner script (may be plain text, or contain HTML / Markdown for formatting)
client_idintegerIf set, the ID of the Client the Liner is associated with
campaign_idintegerIf set, the ID of Campaign the Liner is associated with
statusstringA string representing the approval status of the Liner, such as "Draft" or "Approved"
created_atstringThe time the record was created as a ISO 8601 string
updated_atstringThe last time the record was last updated as a ISO 8601 string
archived_atstringIf the record has been archived, the time the record was archived as a ISO 8601 string
uuidstringThe UUID of the record