The Listener Object

A Listener is a profile record in Audata for a listener of the station they belong to. Usually these records are created when a listener wins a prize from a station or enters a competition, however they can also be manually created in the app or via the API.

idintegerThe primary key for the record
first_namestringThe listeners first name
last_namestringThe listeners last name
emailstringThe listeners email address
dobstringListeners date of birth in YYYY-MM-DD format
genderstring or nullMale, Female, NB (Non-binary) or may be null
address1stringFirst line of listeners primary address
address2stringThe second line of the listeners primary address
suburbstringThe listeners suburb or city name
postcodestringThe listeners post code / zip code
statestring or nullThe listeners state
countrystringThe country of the listeners primary address as a 2-letter ISO code
created_atstringThe time the record was created as an ISO 8601 string
updated_atstringThe last time the record was modified as an ISO 8601 string
uuidstringA unique UUID string for the record
phone_numberstringThe listeners phone number
custom_datadictionaryA JSON dictionary of attributes stored against custom data fields
total_prize_valuedecimalTotal value (local currency) of all prizes won by this listener
total_prize_countintegerTotal number of prizes won by this listener



Developers may assume that you need to create a Listener record before creating a Prize, but that's not the case. You can, if you want to, but you can also create the Prize record and provide the redemption URL to the listener yourself, or let Audata send them a notification automatically to collect their details.