Inbound Messages

Inbound Messages represent an Inbound Message received by Audata Messenger. These may be messages sent via SMS, Facebook Inbox, WhatsApp, or other third party services.

Inbound Messages can be received by Receivers (for connecting with other messaging providers such as SMS), created directly by the API, or from connected Messaging Services (such as Facebook and WhatsApp).



The Audata Promo instance requires the Audata Messenger add-on to use any resources in the /messaging namespace.

idintegerPrimary Key
to_numberstringThe Phone Number the message was sent to (in E.164 format)
from_numberstringThe senders Phone Number for the message (in E.164 format)
bodytextThe body of the message
inbox_idintegerForeign key for the Inbox which the message belongs to.
keyword_idintegerForeign key for the Keyword to which the message belongs to.


Keywords and Inboxes

Messages can not be directly assigned to Inboxes, or Keywords, by passing the IDs to the API. They are automatically assigned by Audata Messenger when the message is received. You can, however, use the API to create and configure Inboxes & Keywords and their assignment rules.