The Campaign Object

A Campaign in Audata typically represents a specific promotion or contest, and helps to organise and group related records together, such as inventory items and prizes.

idintegerThe primary key for the record
namestringThe name of the campaign
client_idintegerThe ID of the client record associated with the campaign
budgetdecimalThe cash budget for the campaign in the default local currency
codestringAn arbitrary code you can set for the campaign that can then be referenced inside Liquid templates or used as a unique identifier for third-party integrations.
owner_emailstringThe email address of the user who owns the campaign. This will search for a local user with that email & will only set the owner if one is found.
created_atstringThe time the record was created as a ISO 8601 string
updated_atstringThe last time the record was modified as a ISO 8601 string
uuidstringThe UUID of the record